[CQ-Contest] Something we need to remember

Gary McAdams g.m.mcadams at comcast.net
Sun Mar 28 18:53:45 PDT 2010

(and the others)

Now you have opened the floodgates.

After every major contest, we, the contest community and the ham 
community at large, are subjected to these same complaints.

This subject has been beat to death on the various Amateur radio 
websites and reflectors. The fact is that contesting as a whole impacts 
the overall community very little and usually only one mode at a time.

It is interesting that most of your complainers appear only after a 
major phone contest, and very few complain after a CW or RTTY event?

This one fact alone tells you where the problem is.

Now I realize that  as a representative of the contest sponsor, your 
response is necessarily limited. But as long time CQ subscriber, and a 
small pistol in the land of big-time contest(s), I speak only for my 
self when I say:

1. I never violate the terms of my license during a contest.

2. I always conduct my self with an eye to the "Amateurs Code".

3. I hope and believe that most of our contest participants do also.

There will always be the odd ones out, but in the contest community, 
they are the minority, as are the anti-contest complainers.

Contests have been a part of Amateur radio since the point where there 
were more than two guys with radios... and the complainers have been 
there also right along with the competitors.

So, thanks for the reminder, but as you already know, it was not necessary.

73 Gary WG7X

Long time member of the Little pistols club.

On 3/28/2010 5:34 PM, Randy Thompson K5ZD wrote:
> During and after the WPX SSB Contest, I received a number of emails
> complaining about the behavior of various contesters on the bands.  We do
> all need to remember that we are sharing the road with others and must do
> our part to help get along.
> I have copied one such message below that should remind us of this.

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