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Henk Remijn PA5KT pa5kt at remijn.net
Mon Mar 29 10:27:45 PDT 2010


I was not in the contest, but remember some things from CW contests and 
other events this year.

During the ARRL DX CW I started a run on 3573 after asking if the 
frequency was in use. I always send a ? and also qrl?. After 15 minutes 
at 0355Z someone start jamming my frequency. Carriers, sending dits. 
These jamming signals were much stronger then the contesters, so I doubt 
they were running legal power. At 0400Z some cw net from Texas started. 
Without asking anything. I dont argue, I move away, arguing is lost time.
Who are the bad guys here?
Who is having a cw net in the middle of the psk frequency allocation?

Other example, during the CQ 160 CW at the start of the contest I was 
just below 1850. I asked if the frequency was in use. I even asked in 
SSB because I heard someone chatting before the contest.
No replies. So I started. After a while someone started sending 
recordings of my signal. I know who these people are. They are dutch 
amateurs who are around 1850 every day for a ragchew. They stopped long 
before I started, but still claiming the frequency. Why do they choose 
1850? We have an allocation up till 1880. Later I asked one of the 
ragchewers why they dont move a bit higher, answer as usual: "We are 
using this frequency already for years, and we will use it for years."

I also dont know why all these emergency nets which are active after a 
disaster always choose a frequency which are NOT the around IARU 
emergency frequencies, but always in the middle of the DX band, or on a 
frequency which is allocated to a different mode then used for the 

For me most emergency nets, ragchewers and other people who claim 
frequencies with a wrong reason should be looked at, not the contesters 
of which 99.9% are the best operators with good equipment, good ears and 
good operating practice.

73 Henk PA5KT

Randy Thompson K5ZD schreef:
> During and after the WPX SSB Contest, I received a number of emails
> complaining about the behavior of various contesters on the bands.  We do
> all need to remember that we are sharing the road with others and must do
> our part to help get along.
> I have copied one such message below that should remind us of this.
> Randy, K5ZD
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> Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 2:30 PM
> Subject: 
> I have been an amateur for over 40 years. I am interested in many facets of
> Ham Radio, contesting is not one of them. That said, I am also aware that
> contesting is a very popular activity. Looking over the information
> available to current and prospective contesters I find nothing printed that
> suggests proper protocol. 
> Contesters have an extremely bad name with the balance of the Ham community.
> When a contest is on it seems to bring out the "to heck with you, I am going
> to do what I want." attitude. As long as I can be heard I care not for what
> you are doing.
> Sadly most of the complaining is done amongst the Hams that are on the air
> most every day and not contesting.
> This letter to you is to lodge a complaint. If the rest of us behaved during
> a contest with the utter disregard for the Gentleman aspect of our hobby
> that used to be known as "The Gentleman's hobby" I am sure that the contest
> community would also be complaining.
> There is Ham Radio outside of contesting and those of us that enjoy this
> would really appreciate consideration by the weekend contesters. Do not
> blindly call "CQ contest" without listening to see if the frequency is in
> use, and if it is respect the stations using it.
> Thank you for listening.
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