[CQ-Contest] ZY7C - WPX SSB - M/2, Congrats Gang ...

PT7ZZ, Andre Coelho Santos pt7zz at yahoo.com.br
Mon Mar 29 10:58:27 PDT 2010

My friends in hobby,

And to the friends of the team ZY7C,  would like to publicly express my joy,
pride and honor to share the friendship of all at the same time be a member
of FORDX, Fortaleza DX Group, but I have included my sadness for not being
here in this fantastic contest and that magnificent achievement with this
amazing score in the M/2 category.

Unfortunately, due to a business trip could not be sharing the brotherly and
friendly environment that our friend Barreto, PT7CB, allows us to enjoy,
always BTW.

I would like to thank CQ Magazine, Randy Thompson and Doug Grant for another
amazing festival, despite accompany only by phone and internet.

To friends who read this email, i inform you that since last year a new
category is being sponsored in the SSB mode of the contest. In honor and
rememberance of our friends on the C6APR team departed tragically, we are
sponsoring the Contest Expedition C6APR Memorial plaque.

I have seen no mention of the award elsewhere, even in CQ Magazine, thats
why i'm sharing this here.

In 2009 the winner was the team C91TX, and I wish good luck to those who
dedicated themselves to make an expedition to this contest. A photo of the
plaque is on the C91TX web page, at http://www.tdxs.net/c91.html.

Thanks to Jim, N4AL for the C91TX team, for drop me an email, i'd really

I'm still on trip, but and again, to my gang friends from ZY7C, miss you all
and wish had been there. Congrats.

73 de PT7ZZ
Andre Luiz Coelho Santos .·.
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