[CQ-Contest] IARU R2 band plan discussions

Hal Offutt hal at japancorporateresearch.com
Mon Mar 29 21:30:40 PDT 2010

Thanks to Henk for alerting us to this matter.  And the deadline for 
comments is April 5.

Reviewing the current band plan (which only took effect on January 1, 2008; 
why is it necessary to change it after less than three years?) I found some 
real surprises.  Obviously I have not been watching this as carefully as I 
should have.  I suspect that I am not alone.  For example, I did not know 
that there are already "contest preferred" segments for some bands in our R2 
region.  They are not just something found in R1 as I had thought.  (In case 
you forgot, there was a good deal of discussion on this reflector some 
months back when R1 adopted a new band plan making 7000-7025 the contest 
preferred segment.)

The R2 band plan states as follows:  "To the extent possible, this band plan 
is harmonized this with those of the other regions. It is suggested that 
Member Societies, in coordination with the authorities, incorporate it in 
their regulations and promote it widely with their radio amateur 
communities."  The R2 band plan presently makes 7025-7060 the "contest 
preferred" segment.  So if the R2 band plan is to be harmonized with the R1 
band plan, which segment will become the harmonized segment, 7000 to 7025 or 
7025 to 7060?  How this turns out could make a great deal of difference in 
years to come.

The ARRL comment says "It would be inappropriate to incorporate Region 2 
band plans into the FCC rules, and the ARRL has no plan to petition the FCC 
to do so."  Well, that's a relief.  But wait.  What is stopping others from 
making such a petition?  The answer:  absolutely nothing.  And plans can 
change, can't they?

It looks to me like the foot is already in the door.  I doubt if we'll ever 
get it shut again, but to keep it from being opened wider, we need to act 

And maybe we need to come up from the ballroom occasionally and see where 
the people we rely on to steer this ship are actually taking us.

Remember, the deadline for comments is April 5.


Hal W1NN

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> In last weeks ARRL letter
> (http://www.arrl.org/arrlletter/?issue=2010-03-25), they mention the
> upcoming discussion about the IARU R2 band plan.
> They ask for input from their members.
> I would be wise for contesting ARRL members to let their Band Planning
> Commitee know that there are contesters who want to use frequencies,
> otherwise the nets will get the allocations.
> This happened in R1 thanks to the RSGB who proposed just the lower 25kHz
> of 40m to allow for contests.
> Also the definition of "Contest Preferred" is not clear to most member
> societies. Some of them translate this to "contests are only allowed in
> contest preferred segments" instead of "contest should take place
> preferable in the contest preferred segments".
> It would also be nice to see that the band plans would be better
> harmonized between regions.
> 73 Henk PA5KT
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