[CQ-Contest] Something we need to remember

W7VJ w7vj at millerisar.com
Mon Mar 29 19:45:10 PDT 2010

One of the things that immediately strikes me is the entitlement mentality
to use of public resources.  I would be the first to agree with the
commenter's point on "heck with you"  mentality (noted several instances
where a station plops on a frequency that is within 200 cycles of one's
operating frequency and begins to call CQ contest when there is clear
propagation and the station using the frequency can be heard by the
interloper)  Yet the point of guaranteed use of a frequency, though having
been debated ad nausium,  reminds me of the analogy of taking a subway in a
crowded city .  The rider has an expectation that upon buying a ticket, the
rider should be able to get the next train to the desired destination.
There are times when this is not possible.  The cars are packed and another
person cannot fit in the car.  That's the breaks.  One can be frustrated,
but has to wait until the next train.  You don't blame the commuters because
the train is full.  And even this analogy is incomplete, because of the WARC
bands - perhaps a non-commuter train if stretching the analogy.

In the end, it is neither the rag chewer or the contester that cause the
problems, but rather inconsiderate and unprofessional behavior on the part
of specific  individuals as others have noted.  So not sure why the contest
community requires the admonition. 

Contesters have an extremely bad name with the balance of the Ham community.
When a contest is on it seems to bring out the "to heck with you, I am going
to do what I want." attitude. As long as I can be heard I care not for what
you are doing.
Sadly most of the complaining is done amongst the Hams that are on the air
most every day and not contesting.


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