[CQ-Contest] Spectrum recordings during WPX SSB 2010

Don Moman VE6JY ve6jy.1 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 22:50:52 PDT 2010

For those of you interested in how your signals sounded, or just how the
bands sounded in western Canada,  I made several recordings during day 1 of
WPX SSB.   Recordings were made with the Perseus SDR and cover 80, 40 and
20m at various times.  File names contain times and beam direction.  The
Perseus software to play these files is also included, this is a special
version to run without the actual Perseus hardware.  There may be a bit of
learning curve if you haven't played with one before.....


These are large files, each covering up to 200 khz of spectrum and are 1
minute long.  They will loop at the end of the minute.  You can tune in any
signal in that range with any filter etc..just as if you were here.  Read
the Smeter and see you did against the others.   20 was VERY crowded almost
anytime I checked.  The  40m recording made just after 2000 ut (6 hours
before sunset) has many Eu signals but I would have been quite surprised if
I could have worked many (any?) of them at that time.  The band is very
quiet here then, but in Europe it... well, isn't.  The first 80m recording
near our sunset had quite a few Eu signals, but the majority had faded by
the second recording so I switched the 4sq to the Caribbean.

Antennas: 80m 4 sq, 40m 5 el x 60' boom  @ 150', 20m stack 5 el x 48' booms
at 200 and 150 feet.

73 Don

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