[CQ-Contest] LotW after ARRL DX

Helmut Mueller helmut at photo42.de
Sat May 8 00:08:59 PDT 2010

Hi Dick and readers!

Thanks for all the useful answers and hints. The winner was Ryan who had it
spot on!

It was a small glitch with the settings in my LotW account. After fixing
this it started populating right away.
After so many thoughtful emails I downloaded the qsl report from lotw. 

>From 58882 QSO's at both ARRL DX portions, today 2696 qso's are confirmed by
lotw. This is 45,8% .... 
I think this is a pretty good rate! 

Thanks to everyone getting involved to figure this one out.




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LoTW uses a 30 minute window for matching. If the QSO times have a
difference of greater than 30 minutes, the QSOs won't match. It's easy for
this to happen if you logged local time instead of universal time. If you
made a mistake, you can correct the times and re-upload the log records.

>From the LoTW FAQ:

What constitutes a QSO "match?" 

To match, the two QSO records (yours and the other station's) must have: 

Call of each QSO matches own call of the other (including portable
The modes are in the same mode group (e.g., SSB and PHONE match because both
are PHONE) 
The date/time values are the same within 30 minutes (all times are UTC) 
In addition, if the QSO is a satellite QSO (indicated by the propagation

Both QSOs must be satellite mode 
Satellite name must be the same 
and if the QSO is a nonsatellite QSO: 
Each QSO's band and RX band must match the values of the other QSO 


Each QSO's band and RX band values must match the opposite values of the
other QSO (that is, the band of one must match the RX band of the other and
the RX band must match the other's band). 
(Note: When RX band is not supplied in the QSO record it is set to the band

Each QSO can match one and only one other QSO. If there are multiple QSOs
that could potentially match, one will be selected as the matching QSO.
(There might be more than one potential matching QSO if, for example, you
worked the same station twice in a 30-minute time window using the same band
and mode.) 

Each supported award program may impose additional requirements on the
matched QSO records in order to consider the "QSL" eligible for award

73, Dick WC1M 

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If your % is that low, there must be a problem in your log.  I think LotW
has a time window it uses for matching QSOs.  No match, no confirmation.

Randy, K5ZD 

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> Hi There.
> I was working ARRL DX in both modes this year and thought I 
> could do something for my WAS status. 
> I had full house on a few bands in both modes and more than 
> 6000 Q's combined - it was real fun.
> Now looking into LotW there is really nothing happening!  Are 
> US hams not using LotW at all? 
> On the DXCC status - it seems to be all right . but I have 
> the feeling that less than 5% are using it in the US?
> 73sss
> Helmut
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