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Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Sat May 8 10:08:23 PDT 2010

Here's something from a local Nashville musician. The losses for people who 
live and work and store equipment near the Cumberland River are just 
tragic. This disaster has been under-reported in the national press.

Jim N3BB

>>Dear friends and family. Here's a recap of our sit from our friend, 
>>singer Kathy Chiavola:
>>Writes Kathy:
>>" Almost everyone I know has damage from ruined basements to a total loss 
>>of home and possessions. National news has ignored us due to the priority 
>>of the other stories. You cannot believe what we've been thru, what we 
>>will be going thru for a long time and the priceless archival treasures 
>>and musical instruments that have been lost...
>>All interstates were closed for at least two days. All businesses and 
>>schools, universities were closed. West End under water, sink holes now 
>>appearing there out of nowhere with unsuspecting drivers crashing down, 
>>taken in ambulence to hospital, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital closed 
>>(now open), Vince Gill lost $3,000,000. in guitars.....the largest 
>>rehearsal facility and musical instrument storage in town flooded, Gibson 
>>guitars flooded.....incalcuable loss in musical instruments for every 
>>session player in town.....no insurance....grand ol opry flooded......Roy 
>>Acuff museum flooded.....opryland hotel flooded.....charlotte pike was a 
>>disaster, over 600 boat rescues......Bellview a disaster 
>>area.....Franklin, Dickson, Pegram, Clarksville, Bordeaux, downtown, 
>>McCabes golf course three blocks from me looked like Percy Priest Lake in 
>>a storm.....no one had flood insurance....thousands homeless....My 
>>friends recording studios destroyed. Brick homes picked up and thrown 
>>into the road or floated down river where there had never been a 
>>river......we received the equivalent of maybe 15 feet of snow.....a 
>>normal four month rainfall in two days. That's the tip of the iceberg. 
>>We're overwhelmed."
>>We did stay dry, and have water so far, but that is running out quickly. 
>>Nashville will probably lose water in a day or so. We are trying to 
>>conserve but there is only so much around. Car Washes, Hair Salons, and 
>>any unnecessary water use is being stopped but the reserves keep 
>>dropping. The damage to the music community is just now coming to light. 
>>Every touring group in town had storage lockers at a facility across the 
>>river from us that is under 10 feet of water.
>>We leave for London next Tuesday, but only if the ash cloud permits us. 
>>Apparently we humans are no longer in charge.
>>(Name deleted, a well known piano player who tours with a singer-songwriter.)


At 10:57 AM 5/8/2010 -0500, K4RO Kirk Pickering wrote:
>Hey Mike, thanks for asking. Like Doug said, those of us living on
>hills felt very fortunate last week. Unfortunately, literally hundreds
>of homes were completely gutted within a five mile radius of here, and
>several lives were lost. The trains haven't run for a week (the tracks
>got destroyed) and land line telephone service is still out, now for
>over a week here. We were lucky to have a generator and some really
>great neighbors who pulled together to make sure everyone was OK.
>It's the worst flooding I've seen since Johnstown 1977. Our hearts go
>out to the many families and individuals who suffered complete
>73 Kirk K4RO
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