[CQ-Contest] Are contesters born or made?

mike l dol dormann w7dra at juno.com
Tue May 11 18:55:11 PDT 2010

i had to take my guitar picks off to write this - there are two numbers,
10,000 hours (8 hours a day 5 days a week for 10 years) and 3000, the
number of times the musician you saw on stage last night has played the
song before you heard it

mike w7dra

and the side note why would a 67 your old man take up an instrument that
purportedly takes 30 years to master, I'll never know

(my mom made me take piano lessons that's why)
> 10,000 hours of computer programming experience when he started 
> college.  (and he never finished).  It is purported that 10,000 
> hours of 
> practice and study is a "magic number" between the elite 
> practitioners, 
> and the masses.

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