[CQ-Contest] New UN DX Contest - This Weekend, May 22-23

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Tue May 18 17:50:17 PDT 2010

I wonder if Borat is going to head up the OKC Contest Committee?
George  Wagner, K5KG
Sarasota, FL 
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I  received notice of this contest too late for QST and the Contest Update  
newsletter, but here it is.  Point your beams at UN and have at  it!

It's phone and CW, the exchange for non-UN stations is RS(T) and  serial 
number, and for UN stations is RS(T) and the Kazakhstan District Code  (three 

73, Ward N0AX
Editor, QST Contest Corral and ARRL  Contest Update newsletter.

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From:  Zakrzewski Artur 


Please add NEW contest to Your info  calendar.

"The Kazakhstan Federation of Radiosport and  Radioamateur (KFRR) and 
Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of  Kazakhstan are announcing the 
First UN DX CONTEST (Open Kazakhstan  Championship). All world-wide radio 
amateurs having the amateur radio licence  are invited to participation."

Contest period: 12.00 UTC 22 May -  12.00 UTC 23 May 2010


Vy  73!
UN6QC / UP65QC /ex SP5RMD/ ex VE7DZM
Almaty,  Kazakhstan
loc. MN83KI

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