[CQ-Contest] The Annual SMC Hooters Party was a big success again!

Paul Gentry Paul at k9pg.com
Tue May 25 09:06:46 PDT 2010

Our annual Hooters shin-dig was a huge success again this year!   I believe we topped out around 70 people and devoured 400 boneless wings and washed it down with lots of beer.   

And as usual, we had around 15 people show up wearing their most unique combination of sport jacket, with clashing shirt & tie, and even a vest!  

A HUGE thanks to Gary W9XT of Unified Microsystems   http://www.unifiedmicro.com/   for donating not just one.... but TWO prizes for the best of the worst.... or worst of the best dressed.   2nd place went to Andrei NP3D with his splendid combination of flowery red & white Hawaiian shirt and cream colored vest... and first place went to Jerry K8GT with the most amazingly disgusting blend of this green, red, yellow & purple shirt that simply defies logic, a pink & white stripped tie....and these red & yellow PJ pants that had flames all over it... I mean how on earth could he not win?    Congrats to Andrei and Jerry... and Gary W9XT of Unified Microsystems... thanks again OM!!  I hope everyone takes a minute to peruse his webpage... lots of good stuff there.

For a complete breakdown of the party, please visit  http://picasaweb.google.com/PaulK9PG/Dayton2010  

Also... next year... if your club is planning some kind of Thursday night meeting or party, please... join us at Hooters.  A better time cannot possibly be had... and ask yourself... do you get free wings??

Great seeing everyone... even if it was just for a few seconds.

Paul K9PG
Paul (at) k9pg (dot) com

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