[CQ-Contest] Use of CW decoders in contests

Paul Cavanaugh paulcavanaugh at cox.net
Thu May 27 16:49:27 PDT 2010

Guys, you know what, I have been reading these e-mails about code readers
and why or why not they should be allowed. Enough. You can get a license
without passing a simple code test. So go do your thing on the digital or
phone or whatever frequencies. You want to contest, great! I found
contesting after 30 + years of enjoying the technical, award chasing, and
rag chewing aspects of our hobby. Maybe you have learned how to send and
receive a message across crowded phone or digital frequencies in a contest,
so learn code so you can do it too. It isn't that hard, just needs practice
and time. And if you don't have the time to learn it, or don't want to ....
tough. Why not just set up automatic stations, with synthetic rules so
everyone sends with some type of machine code so your readers can copy. Why
even bother to get into a technical hobby if you don't want to invest the
time to learn? Ask some of the all time, big time contesters if that is what
they got into ham radio and contesting for, to be the best at some
particular thing without any effort or learning. You know if all it took was
money or whatever to be the best at anything, then it would be a pretty poor
thing to even try to do it.

Finally, try not to be so selfish in your approach to contesting or any
other thing. Google AA5AU, Don and see what this guy has done for and
accomplished in RTTY Contesting. Then maybe this tempest in a teapot will

<David Thompsom.... please do not feel that this tirade was directed at you,
yours was the e-mail that I clicked on to response to this nonsense. I
assure you that I am responding to the whole topic, not your input. If I
have offended, I sincerely apologize.>

73 and C U in RTTY Tests

Paul W1HY

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I see no reason to ban the use of code readers which usually only code 
keyboard code correctly.
The hams that still use bugs will be hard copy.

If this is banned why not ban working packet spots by assisted or multi ops.

Most times the PC and radio do the work without intervention from a human.

73 Dave K4JRB 

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