[CQ-Contest] Line noise GONE!

Ralph Bellas k9zo at hotmail.com
Thu May 27 19:48:12 PDT 2010

AmerenIP in central Illinois is dreadful!  6 months, over 50 phone calls for them to replace a lightning arrester and I identified the pole. One excuse after another.  The Illinois Commerce Commission and FCC did not help.  A year later and there are still numerous unresolved sources.



> Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 20:57:26 -0400
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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Line noise GONE!
> Today my utility company sent a crew out in response to a request I had 
> made of them to see if they could solve a horrible noise problem I had. 
> It was never less than an S9, and most of the time was 10-20 over. A 
> couple of us had walked around with one of those MFJ line noise 
> receivers and a 3 element beam, and had found what we thought was the 
> pole in question.
> The lineman called me and told me he thought he had found the noise 
> source, although not on the pole I thought it was on. He said there was 
> a bad lightning arrestor, and it was VERY loud on his gear, and was 
> radiating for more than a mile.
> I turned on the rig, and....... S1 and below!!
> There are some good guys out there.
> Just had to tell SOMEbody.
> 73,
> Mike NF4L
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