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Kelly Taylor theroadtrip at mts.net
Sun May 30 19:24:24 PDT 2010

There was a contest just like this. Might still be there, too: the Classic
Radio Exchange.

I know you got significant bonus points for using a classic (>25 years)
radio, and there might have been bonus points for using straight keys or
bugs as well.

73, kelly

On 5/30/10 3:12 PM, "Tony Rogozinski" <trogo at telegraphy.com> wrote:

> Seems like this thread is continuing ad nauseum as usual. "MY" point was that
> perhaps there should be
> a category for guys/gals who wish to operate without the assist of machines
> and send and receive
> the code the old fashioned way to illustrate their proficiency in the code
> both sending and receiving.
> If others wish to use whatever type of machine they choose then that's fine I
> don't have a problem
> with it but I do think it would be more fair to give those of us who choose
> not to use those machines
> an opportunity to compete against each other.   Nothing more and nothing less.
> I'm sure it won't
> happen but it was just a thought.
> Tony  W4OI/HK1AR
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