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Sean Cavanaugh seanc at unixgeeks.ca
Mon May 31 09:00:11 PDT 2010

There's at least 2 of these a month, which try to participate in as much 
as possible:  The SKCC Straight Key Sprint, and the SKCC Weekend 
Sprintathon.  These two events have been instrumental in getting my code 
proficiency up to the level where I could play in the WPX this weekend 
without needing a decoder.

Nothing beats getting on the air and making contacts to get your CW 
speed up, fast. Something about knowing you're actually communicating 
sharpens the mind and gets you focused on copying the code correctly 
much more so that listening to the computer send yet another random group.

See you all in the next contest,


Sean VA5LF

On 05/30/2010 08:24 PM, Kelly Taylor wrote:
> There was a contest just like this. Might still be there, too: the Classic
> Radio Exchange.
> I know you got significant bonus points for using a classic (>25 years)
> radio, and there might have been bonus points for using straight keys or
> bugs as well.
> 73, kelly
> ve4xt
> On 5/30/10 3:12 PM, "Tony Rogozinski"<trogo at telegraphy.com>  wrote:
>> Seems like this thread is continuing ad nauseum as usual. "MY" point was that
>> perhaps there should be
>> a category for guys/gals who wish to operate without the assist of machines
>> and send and receive
>> the code the old fashioned way to illustrate their proficiency in the code
>> both sending and receiving.
>> If others wish to use whatever type of machine they choose then that's fine I
>> don't have a problem
>> with it but I do think it would be more fair to give those of us who choose
>> not to use those machines
>> an opportunity to compete against each other.   Nothing more and nothing less.
>> I'm sure it won't
>> happen but it was just a thought.
>> Tony  W4OI/HK1AR
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