[CQ-Contest] California QSO Party - Server Issues

Richard Eversole rick at eversoles.com
Mon Oct 4 22:43:45 PDT 2010

The California QSO Party is using a new log server this year. You do not
have to remember a userid and password.
We ask you to enter your email twice to confirm you are a human and not a

There are several known issues that are confusing some people,

The server does not send you an email telling you your log has been
accepted. You get that feedback once you press "Submit".

Regardless of whether you get the accepted or rejected messages, your log is
saved on the server. We need all the submissions
for future testing and system improvements.

If you submit the a log for the same callsign multiple times, only the last
one accepted will be judged.

Here is a list of the known issues:

1) Summary report only shows 10 logs. This will be fixed by October 5 at 3am
PST. It has already been fixed on the development server.
    I am just waiting until midnight local time to push the update out to
the production servers.

2) Number of claimed Qs is too high. Many logs are showing this issue. This
was the last feature added to the server this year.
    We are investigating this issue based on several logs that have already
been reported to us. No estimated time for a fix
    is available. Your log as submitted is very likely correct, we just
count wrong.

3) Claimed QTH is supposed to have been extracted from the first QSO as too
many variations appear in the header.
    There are cases where the claimed QTH is obviously wrong as it looks to
be a callsign. Again we are investigating.
    This one could be due to an invalid cabrillo format file. We'll know
more after we investigate. We will not correct the
     QTH issue on the live data. We will try and fix it for logs submitted
at a later date. We will fix the QTH for all logs
    some time after log submission has been closed. If you are required to
submit a new log we will ask you for one.

For any other issues, please email us at info at cqp.org.

Rick "The Rhino" N6RNO
California QSO Party logs are due October 31, 2010

Submit your logs at   http://logs.cqp.org

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