[CQ-Contest] [wrtc2014] [wrtc2010] WRTC 2014 Team Selection Critera Released

Robert L. Shohet kq2m at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 5 05:00:46 PDT 2010

> Since the single-band category has a much lower number of entrants than 
> the
> all-band categories, it was a concern that a low score (ex: 50 QSOs on 10
> Meters) could earn the same qualifying points as a serious all-band effort
> if  those scores were only compared to other similar single-band scores 
> from
> that  Selection Area or Score Comparison Area.
> There is no easy answer to this, so the decision was to compare the SB
> scores to the AB scores in that same Area.


I echo Zoli's comment, the rule (if I understand it correctly) as you have 
it set-up
is ridiculous.

SB 20, 40 (for example), has wide participation and is VERY compeititve.
To place high in the scoring in this category (in the US and EU),
you need to operate as close to full time as possible AND make a huge number 
qso's and mults.  Some UNassisted SO SB operations have even beaten the 
single band
scores from the MM's!

SB 15 will have wide participation as soon as the sunspots increase.
SB 10?  Who knows.
SB 80 and SB 160 vary.

You could easily decide to compare SO SB to SO SB (as opposed to SO AB)
within a region and then award a % muliplier depending on the band.  While 
that would
be a bit more complex, it would certainly be FAIRER than the way you have it 
now which
is to COMPLETELY PENALIZE ALL SO SB efforts, regardless of band and hours 

Bob KQ2M

> We do recognize that CQ WPX may produce the most competitive SB efforts 
> and
> that SB in CQ WW is likely to be a tougher way to qualify.

> See you on the band(s)!
> 73, Dan, K1TO
> WRTC-2014 Team Selection Director
> In a message dated 10/4/2010 5:06:21 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> ha5pp_zoli at yahoo.com writes:
> "1) Single Band scores are compared against All Band scores for the same
> power
> level."
> If I understand well...
> The reality in CQWW SOAB vs SOSB... :)
> A) SO AB HP (HC8A): 15,000,000
> B) SO SB HP (D44AC):   3,000,000
> A) 1000 x 1.0 x (15,000,000 / 15,000,000) = 1000
> B) 1000 x 1.0 x  (  3,000,000 / 15,000,000) =   200
> (...SOAB QRP #1 WORLD --> 700 !)
> That is nonsense. Rather please cancel this categories (SO SB HP and  LP).
> 73, Zoli HA5PP


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