[CQ-Contest] Calling the US on 40 Meter Phone

Ward Silver hwardsil at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 05:24:52 PDT 2010

For our many DX friends around the world, to make 40 meter QSOs with US stations this weekend please CQ on frequencies that are legal for US operators to use.  Even though the lower limit of the US phone band is listed as 7.125 MHz, US hams must keep their entire signal ABOVE that frequency.  They may NOT transmit with a displayed carrier frequency of 7.125 MHz.  

If you want the maximum rate with the US on 40 phone, CQ or have a receive frequency at or above 7.1275 MHz. Similarly, on 20 phone, a displayed carrier frequency of 14.3475 is the highest for US hams using USB.

Yes, some US hams will call out of the band...but there are many more who won't.

73, Ward N0AX

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