[CQ-Contest] Now it's time for the event of the year - The Scandinavian Activity Contest

Hans Johansson sm0imj at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 04:26:58 PDT 2010

The dates and times for The Scandinavian Activity Contests for 2010 are:
*CW:* 2010 September 18, 1200 UTC to 2010 September 19, 1200 UTC
*SSB:* 2010 October 9, 1200 UTC to 2010 October 10, 1200 UTC
*Please observe:* Due to a huge collision between CQ WW RTTY DX Contest and the
SSB part of SAC, we have moved the SSB leg to the second full weekend of

*Contest participants and prefix hunters!*
During the contest, SA8C will be activated.
This is the only station from the Swedish callarea 8 and it is only active
during SAC CW and SAC SSB. As every worked callarea (Ø-9) in each
Scandinavian country is valid as multiplier on each band, SA8C is a "must
have" :)

*For more information*, visit http://sactest.net


Hans Johansson - SMØIMJ
mailto:sm0imj at ssa.se

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