[CQ-Contest] The Meaning of Assisted

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Maybe so, but that wasn't the question - which was about what differentiated 
the category of "Single-Op Assisted" from "Single-Op".  The definition of 
Single-Op vs Multi-Op is where the follicle splitting about operating 
assistance takes place.

Rule III.A states, in part: "only one person (the operator) can contribute 
to the final score during the official contest period."  SOA is an exception 
to SO.

What you are really trying to define is "contribute", which in legal terms 
is known as "render material assistance".  That definition is the subject of 
some debate in and out of court, primarily as it concerns gambling law if 
you believe Google, so no hope there.

If I was king, I would define SO such that "only one person may operate, 
adjust, or maintain any equipment in the station  during the contest period. 
Information about the operation of any other contest station except for 
current scoring parameters may not be obtained from outside the station." 
What constitutes a station is defined in the contest rules - rules III.1 
through III.8 for CQ WW.  What constitutes equipment would probably fall 
within the scope of the FCC's "apparatus normally used in an amateur radio 
station".  SOA would strike the second sentence only.

So, unless you consider the bringing of a sandwich to fall within the 
"operate, adjust, or maintain any equipment" clause, it's okay for one's 
significant other (a different type of SO) to provide sustenance, comfort, 
and encouragement - even to wake you up.  It's not okay for that significant 
other to go climb the tower and break loose a stuck rotator.  Whether it's 
okay for the significant other to answer phone calls from an irate neighbor 
trying to watch football on Sunday afternoon through your TVI is a subject 
for personal interpretation.

73, Ward N0AX

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>I think that we can all agree, without danger of bifurcating follicle 
>products, that the transfer of such information is >operating< assistance.
> So I stand on my definition which you have quoted below.
> 73, de Hans, K0HB
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>>> "Assistance" in Radiosport terms means >operating< assistance.
>> That's not correct. In nearly every case, it ONLY refers to receiving 
>> information outside the contest bands/modes during the contest about the 
>> operation of other contest stations.

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