[CQ-Contest] Is RBN allowed?

Ryan Jairam rjairam at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 16:16:27 PDT 2010

The answer is A.

"QSO alerting assistance of any kind (this includes, but is not
limited to, packet, local or remote Skimmer and/or Skimmer-like
technology, Internet) places the entrant in the Single Operator
Assisted category."

RBN is a network of remote skimmers and therefore is therefore allowed
under the rules.

Ryan, N2RJ

On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 11:57 AM, Tõnno Vähk <Tonno.Vahk at gafm.ee> wrote:
> In the light of recent skimmer debate I want to arrange a short poll to understand how entrants interpret the current CQWW rules (http://www.cqww.com/CQWW-Rules-2010.pdf)
> The question is:
> In your interpretation, do the current CQWW rules allow for Multi Op and SOA categories to use RBN (to log into Reverse Beacon Network to receive call/frequency information as identified by many aggregated remote receivers scattered globally and decoded with skimmer software) or any other remote skimmer (single or network, personal or not)?
> Please tell:
> A. YES
> B. NO
> C. The Rules are not clear
> If your answer is different for Multi Op vs SOA please tell
> If your answer is different for RBN vs one's personal remote skimmer set up anywhere in the world, please tell
> You can send to me direct and I will summarize. Please tell how you interpret rules not what you think the rules should be.
> I think this is a very serious issue and the CQWW CW is approaching fast.
> 73
> Tonno
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Ryan A. Jairam,

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