[CQ-Contest] Dayton RTTY Contesting Forum

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Sat Apr 2 02:29:04 PDT 2011

1200 PM -- 1300 PM Saturday 21 May in room 3. Mike, K4GMH will be the presenter, and the program, A History Of RTTY Contesting, will include: 
  Today's various RTTY contests have evolved from the first one in 1953.  A look-back at the history of RTTY contesting can provide insight into how and why many of the today's contest rules came about.  To aid in this "look-back", a timeline of RTTY contests from the First RTTY Contest (Sweepstakes) in 1953 to 2000 will be used.
  The winner and winning score, contest duration, exchange message, scoring, who can work whom, and number of logs submitted (where information is available) will be provided for the contests on the timeline.  The rule changes for each contest, as they were made, will be presented.
  The growth of in the number of  RTTY operators and, in turn,  RTTY contesting will be discussed.  Included will be possible reasons for the growth of both, e.g. technology changes, another, for US amateurs, the changes to the privileges and rules by the Federal Communication Commission affecting RTTY.  When they occurred will be identified on the timeline.
  In addition, a first hand description of what it was like participating in an early seventies RTTY contest compared to today's RTTY contesting will be interspersed during the presentation.
  C'Ya, Shelby - K4WW

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