[CQ-Contest] 275 km petition

Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Thu Apr 7 11:28:30 PDT 2011

How about providing possible solutions to issue.  How would you solve 
this issue?  What would be acceptable to you?  Do you want the entire 
country to be allowed to submit scores? a 1000km radius?  etc.

I don't really see why a petition needs to be created.  Good sound new 
ideas are generally well accepted.

How about more background.  Who is unable to submit scores and why?  
What contests?  etc.

We could all sign a petition for cheaper fuel prices but what will it 
really achieve?

Mike W0MU

On 4/7/11 5:37 AM, Martin Monsalvo, LU5DX wrote:
> Hi Guys.
> Once you sign the petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/275km/ the
> system will probably ask for a donation, though it did not happen to me a
> friend told me about it.
> If that's the case simply close the browser window or tab after you signed
> the petition and that will be all. Your signature will already be in there.
> Thanks again.

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