[CQ-Contest] Club/Group competition 275 km radius in CQ Contest(petition for change).

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Now you are going to exclude many, many folks in the rural areas from being 
able to participate in a club.  Your views are accepted as your opinion, but 
they certainly do not fit any better than Martin's suggestion.  In fact, 
IMHO, Martin's suggestion has more merit that does yours.  The correct 
answer is however, one size does not fit all.

My county in rural southwest NM is larger than a few states on the US east 
coast.  It is 100 miles from top to bottom.  There are only two incorporated 
towns in the county; the county seat, and the one I live in which has a 
population of less than 200.  There are less than 5,000 total inhabitants in 
the county.  Our community residents must drive 50 miles to shop at WalMart; 
in another state.

Other than licenses which are issued to be used at mountain top repeaters, 
there are 21 licensed individual operators in the county.  Of those 21, 
perhaps 5 are reasonably "active".

There is no way to have "Local Club" meetings and competition as you 

I belong to three clubs; one headquartered 50 miles distant in the adjacent 
state and has bi-monthlymeetins, one centered 200 miles distant in the 
adjacent state and meets once a year, and another which covers portions of 
TX, NM and AZ which meets twice a year in a formal setting.

In my 50 years licensed, I probably have driven 25,000+ miles to attend club 
meetings; many more to participate in club activities and projects.

With regards to contesting, I am outside the radius of my club for CQ 
contests.  Many others are in the same situation.

Think about it.

Milt, N5IA

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I'm probably going to be in the minority on this as  I have been on most
other topics like this.

But I think in exactly the opposite direction. I feel the circle is ten
times TOO BIG right now!  I do not feel that two people over 500 miles
apart are in the same club.

A club is a group of people that often meet Like at a monthly meeting.
An organization yes can have members 1000's of miles apart.  But a club
is a "Local" thing.  A Club is something you would be willing to drive
to a meeting once a month to actually meet the other members of the club.

I don't know many clubs that have members driving 200+ miles to go to a
monthly meeting.

I'd like the circle to be actually reduced to like a 25 mile radius.
Thats a "Club" sized circle.

If ya want more members in your club get more in the club. simple.

But I'll put my flame suit on now.


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On 4/6/2011 4:16 PM, Martin Monsalvo, LU5DX wrote:
> Hi guys.
> We started a petition to ask the organizers of CQ Contest to review the 
> 275
> Km radius rule (Club/Group) competition.
> We have been allowed by the organizers to submit our contest scores to our
> clubs/groups for eleven years now, but we really feel it is time for a
> change.
> This rule was originally written back in 1948 when these competitions
> started and certainly the wording took into account the situation of the 
> US
> based Clubs.
> There are countries outside USA and Europe where the territory is really
> vast and the ham population is very little. Our members feel encouraged to
> enter contests even if it is ocassionally if they are allowed to submit
> their scores to our Club/Groups, and we really believe that being these
> competitions world wide events, the situation of other regions needs to be
> considered.
> There are several options e.g.:
> Remove the geographic limitation completely, thus, allowing members of 
> each
> Club to submit their scores to their club, no matter if they have moved
> temporarily or permanently.
> Keep this geographic limitation as it is for the US and Western Europe
> countries and remove it for the rest of the world, and so on.
> If you feel like signing the petition you can do so at:
> http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/275km/
> Thanks in advance for getting involved.
> Regards!
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