[CQ-Contest] RES: Club/Group competition 275 km radius in CQ Contest (petition for change).

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Hi Folks

I'm contester for the last 50 years and one of the founders of Araucaria Dx Group.
Brazil is a country with more than 8 millions Km2 with no more than a total of 30.000 Hams and only a small portion of that active on HF.
Our GADX has now 30 years 300 members and we are proud to have members in all 5 Continents.
I have three contest stations; one in São Paulo area, Araraquara PS2T, one in Curitiba ZW5B and in Florianopolis PT5T, and in addition to that other members owns around 10 large and medium size contest stations. Please take in account that those three stations are placed in a radio of 700 Km.
The rule for 275 Km maybe could be applicable for highly ham populate countries but it has no sense at all for a vast majority of countries around the World.
We contest organizers should stimulate the young generation to our hobby and well organize clubs and not create barriers.
This does not mean that small groups should not be stimulated. Yes a great number of GADX members apply their logs for small local contest groups, and this is nice for our hobby.
I kindly ask the friends who have a different view, to imagine how could a contest group placed in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, large countries in Africa among others, to be competitive against groups placed in US, Europe, or other highly ham populated area.
I already made an open disclosure of my position in CQWW Advisory Committee where I was a member for 20 years and also to the majority of the contest organizers, and all of them, no exception agrees that something must be done, but unfortunately no action.
It is a shame, in my opinion, that we still on most important contests, showing no movement to change and/or develop the following aspects:

  1) This ridiculous general limitation for clubs radius.
  2) Considering the technology of today why 30 days to submit logs- incentive to cheat?
  3) Official results in almost a year ????
  4) Why not open logs immediately after the submission period. i.e 72 hours
  5) Why not some requirements for top 5 competitors as the Russian are doing now? - Why not the entire contest recorded for those who are playing for top 5 or records.
  It is time for innovation and we must follow the wave.

Congratulation Marti for bringing up again this important subject for an open discussion.

Best regards


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Yeah Joe pretty opposite to what we propose, but of course is your point of
With al due respect.
If you were the contest organizer you would probably loose support from a
few thousand or regular entrants and your contest would probably loose
interest and popularity.
Perhaps if you were the organizer as you say you are always on the minority
on most topics that would be your objective.
O'course we want more members in our club and that's why we work so hard to
encourage new hams to enter CQ contests and submit their logs. But not only
that, we want them to be more involved in tech stuff, operating techniques
and thus, to be able to enjoy more and more Qs during contest weekends.
Similar things are happening in Chile and Uruguay where you guys had to
struggle fo find a CQ Zone 12 or CX mult years ago and now have many
stations available from those locations, without trying to sound to proud of
ourselves (and I'm talking about several different groups), that's the
result of years of hard work, motivation, providing info and helping in
whatever we can to people that live in interior provinces, with few
resources and lots of difficulties. Even though they love the hobby, they
want to participate and they want to contribute to their club scores, even
if they had not had the chance to have been born in New England, or
Saying "hey go get more members" in certain countries means "go make more
hams" and that involves economics and other circumstances that go far beyond
your simplistic suggestions.

Don't think you need a flame suit though. The lack of perspective is
something hard to overcome and rever,  and certainly the flames won't even


Martin, LU5DX

On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 10:37 AM, Joe <nss at mwt.net> wrote:

> I'm probably going to be in the minority on this as  I have been on most
> other topics like this.
> But I think in exactly the opposite direction. I feel the circle is ten
> times TOO BIG right now!  I do not feel that two people over 500 miles
> apart are in the same club.
> A club is a group of people that often meet Like at a monthly meeting.
> An organization yes can have members 1000's of miles apart.  But a club
> is a "Local" thing.  A Club is something you would be willing to drive
> to a meeting once a month to actually meet the other members of the club.
> I don't know many clubs that have members driving 200+ miles to go to a
> monthly meeting.
> I'd like the circle to be actually reduced to like a 25 mile radius.
> Thats a "Club" sized circle.
> If ya want more members in your club get more in the club. simple.
> But I'll put my flame suit on now.
> Joe WB9SBD
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> On 4/6/2011 4:16 PM, Martin Monsalvo, LU5DX wrote:
> > Hi guys.
> >
> > We started a petition to ask the organizers of CQ Contest to review the
> 275
> > Km radius rule (Club/Group) competition.
> > We have been allowed by the organizers to submit our contest scores to
> our
> > clubs/groups for eleven years now, but we really feel it is time for a
> > change.
> >
> > This rule was originally written back in 1948 when these competitions
> > started and certainly the wording took into account the situation of the
> US
> > based Clubs.
> >
> > There are countries outside USA and Europe where the territory is really
> > vast and the ham population is very little. Our members feel encouraged
> to
> > enter contests even if it is ocassionally if they are allowed to submit
> > their scores to our Club/Groups, and we really believe that being these
> > competitions world wide events, the situation of other regions needs to
> be
> > considered.
> >
> > There are several options e.g.:
> > Remove the geographic limitation completely, thus, allowing members of
> each
> > Club to submit their scores to their club, no matter if they have moved
> > temporarily or permanently.
> > Keep this geographic limitation as it is for the US and Western Europe
> > countries and remove it for the rest of the world, and so on.
> >
> > If you feel like signing the petition you can do so at:
> > http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/275km/
> >
> > Thanks in advance for getting involved.
> >
> >
> > Regards!
> >
> >
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