[CQ-Contest] Club-competion

Walter Skudlarek dj6qt at t-online.de
Sun Apr 10 02:02:00 PDT 2011

Hi Randy
a good way to go, some of those "None members" have no
possibility in there country to join a club, but they want to be
a part in the "large game", we, the RRDXA will compete with
"foreigners" and if we would be a winner, we renounce for
the plaque.
We just want to participate contests with our friends even in
some other countries.
A good suggestion ---- I don't have ---- perhaps a percentage
on the own members, like 10%  ?
The "foreignes" has to be announced before the contest !
So that clubs to not collect big scores !!
See you in Dayton and we can discusse it.

Walter, DJ6QT

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