[CQ-Contest] Unauthorized Posts on DX Cluster are NOT KY1V

Lee Sawkins ve7cc at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 27 04:38:17 PDT 2011

The spots KY1V is referring to all originated at DX Summit.  They were entered from an anonymous proxy server.
KY1V and many others were just collateral damage from an attack directed at 4S7DXG.  

DX Summit appears to run on autopilot.  No one appears to do anything after these kinds of attacks.  The software lets through all spots no matter how crude the language.

For KY1V and anyone else who does not want to see bogus spots from their calls, there is a way to stop them.

Register your call and a password at this web page.

Registering prevents anyone from sending spots with your call unless they have your password.


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