[CQ-Contest] On-Line Contest Audio Recordings

Steve GW4BLE steve.gw4ble at btconnect.com
Wed Apr 27 13:12:32 PDT 2011

With many thanks to the CDXC members for their feedback and helpful
suggestions the site is now complete and ready to launch.


Andy Taylor MW0MWZ has been hard at work doing the behind the scenes web
design and has come up with a very impressive piece of work, I've just
provided the raw data contest recordings and a few photos.

The basic  building block is from Writelog, coding for this is available at
the Writelog.com web site; SQL log conversion, Smartphone audio and other
improvements were implemented by Andy.

The recordings are from the past eight years (2004 to date), covering a
selection of both domestic and  international contests.

The screen layout differs for PC, tablet and mobile phone users so feel free
to experiment on different platforms.

There's a drop-down contest selection menu, or use the 'ALL' option; logs
are available for my own call or single Op SSB  as GW7X or MW5A.

Playback duration time (other than the default) is adjustable from the front
page menu.
Clicking against the matching callsign takes a link to QRZ.

Thanks for your time and interest in this project.

Feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

Steve GW4BLE
Andy  MW0MWZ

April 27 2011.

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