[CQ-Contest] Multi-op rule change in CQWW

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Sun Aug 21 20:23:50 PDT 2011

People are always trying to ""beat the rule'' regardless of what rule it is, I am disappointed in contesting as it has turned out to be such a situation........''beating or bending the rules''.  Can't we return to the way ''it was''?

w6vnr, ZF2AH

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>I can't speak for why the Contest Committee did it, but I see one very good 
> reason to have done so:
>There is only so much spectrum available for us. In contests it is  much 
>less than we would like to have. This will especially be true as solar  
>activity declines (a very likely long term trend), and is more of  a problem on 
>For a multi to tie up more than one available frequency on a band and  
>thereby deny another station a usable run frequency is wrong. Even for the  
>smallest guys, one less station CQing is one less station they can work.
>Just because something can be done doesn't mean that it should be  done.
>73   -   Jim   K8MR
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>CQWW CC  has created a totally unnecessary rule change for multi-ops in  
>12. When two or more transmitters are present on a band, either  a
>software or hardware device MUST be used to prevent more than  one
>signal at any one time;&xnbsp; interlocking two or more  transmitters
>on a band with alternating CQs (soliciting contacts) is not  allowed.
>Those who have the capabilities of creating such a station  that allows
>alternate CQ's on the same band and the skills to use it  efficiently
>should be allowed to do it. I wonder what is behind this rule  again?
>We have seen past few days that the signal interlocking rule can  be
>enforced is one wants to it as RDXC CC has done.
>Juha  OH6XX
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