[CQ-Contest] Icom 756PRO as a CW contest rig

barockteer at aol.com barockteer at aol.com
Sat Jan 1 20:02:55 PST 2011

The 756Pro is very useable as a contest CW rig. It does have some drawbacks:

1. Close in IMD is not as good as later rigs. 

2. DSP rendition of CW has a flutey sound, which is due to clipping/distortion on rapidly changing signal levels.

Both of these can be remedied. Add an IRC roofing filter kit to get 2KC IMD up around 79 db. Not the best, but close to the 80db recommended by Rob Sherwood. Add an outboard filter, like a QF-1A to clean up the audio. If you are starting from scratch, I'd recommend the Pro2 or Pro3 as they are better in these regards.

Tony, K1KP

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