[CQ-Contest] [WriteLog] [RTTY] Suggestions for RTTY RU

Richard Ferch ve3iay at storm.ca
Sun Jan 2 21:34:46 PST 2011

Hi Yuri,

The point is that if the *other* station is using Writelog, and if your 
own call sign is not in the master.dta file, then your call sign will 
not be highlighted on his screen unless you precede it with DE. This may 
cause him to miss your call sign, or if he catches it, he may take extra 
time copying it and possibly miscopy it due to the need to enter it 
manually, resulting in extra time taken for fills, etc.

My conclusion from this is that if your own call sign is not in the 
file, it may be in your best interests to put a DE in your messages, 
just in case the other station needs it in order to complete an 
efficient QSO. If your own call sign is in the file, then you shouldn't 
need to insert DE.

Oh yes - how does one get their call sign into the file? The easiest way 
is by having worked QSOs in major RTTY contests during the past two 
years (see <http://www.supercheckpartial.com/>).

Rich VE3KI

VE3DZ wrote:

> Is this a good enough reason to make others suffer?

in reply to AD1C, who wrote:

> DE is necessary if you are NOT using a "super check partial" database
> in WriteLog.   WriteLog will only highlight calls if they are in SCP
> or are preceded by "DE"

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