[CQ-Contest] Icom 756PRO as a CW contest rig

W8FJ at aol.com W8FJ at aol.com
Sun Jan 2 17:07:45 PST 2011

Hi John..
I was unimpressed with the IMD characteristics of the Pro3 using it on  cw 
in the harsh contest environment.  I had the INRAD Roofing Filter Mod  added 
to the radio, and it helped considerably, but the radio still  had 
noticeable IMD issues.  I sold my modified Pro3 and invested the $$ in  a K3.  It 
was a smart move.  The K3 may not be as sexy looking as the  Pro3, but it has 
absolutely no IMD problems.
John, W8FJ...
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aa5jg at fidmail.com writes:

How does  the Icom 756PRO do under heavy CW QRM?  Some of the eham.net 
reviews  weren't very flattering in terms of CW performance.

73s John  AA5JG
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