[CQ-Contest] Caribbean QTH wanted for ARRL CW - Resort rental or bungalow is cool too

Brooke Allen brooke.t.allen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 05:42:36 PST 2011

I am looking to take my family on a Caribbean vacation over the ARRL CW
weekend. That's to say, they will be on vacation and I'll be on the air.

Know anyone who can rent or lend me a station? Something modest is fine -
I'm just planning 15 m single band.

Or do you know a ham-friendly resort that would let let me put up an
antenna? The perfect place would be north end of an island on the ocean. I
wouldn't say price is no object, but we do have a vacation budget we can

I've had really good luck with some simple wires on the beach. See:


Of course, I need to be able to get operating permission my mid Feb, but I
don't need a contest call. This operation was KP3/N2BA and it even earned me
a mention in QST as the most unwieldy call!

If I use your call, I'd be happy to print up cards and do the work to QSL

Anyway, any suggestions or leads would be appreciated.


Brooke, N2BA

PS. Originally "74" was a typo, but I figured I'd leave it since there must
have been inflation after all these years.


Brooke Allen

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