[CQ-Contest] K2NNY/B Beacon Results

Paul Mackanos - K2DB k2db at k2db.com
Thu Jan 6 06:47:24 PST 2011

I want to thank all of you who took the time to listen and report back to me

the temporary beacon that I put on the air last night and turned off this
morning at 1330 Z.

Here is the info on the beacon:

It was remotely controlled from my office in Fairport, NY via the internet,
logmein.com free

Remote software, and Skype for me to hear the audio.

Rig: Icom 746Pro, set remotely with TRX-Manager Software to 0 watts output

It still put out something!)

Frequency 3574.31 (As the front digital dial indicates)

Antenna: 80 Meter Dipole, center supported at 52 feet on crank up tower at
top of a ridge.

One end droops down, then back up to approximately 70 feet (had to do this
so the 40 meter

Elements on the Pro67B Beam above it would clear the dipole when rotated).
Other end goes

Out over the ridge and is approximately 85-90 feet above the ground.)

Location: FN24FL in NNY approximately 45 miles NE of Watertown, NY. St.
Lawrence River is 

About 20 miles due north of the QTH.

Speed: I started out at about 12 WPM for a few hours, changed it to 26 WPM
for a few hours,

And finally set it at 20 WPM for the last 8 hours.

BUDDY, a five

Second delay and it repeated.


It was spotted on the cluster one time at 3574.3 at 0201Z by W5ZO

I received e-mails from:

W2YJ - S 6 to S9 at 20:51Z in Marilla, NY

K4RO - Not much above the noise on the NE Beverage.

WA4PGM - 419 FM07ti

AG2M - 599+15dB (s9 noise) on 80M dipole (North-South orientation at 25 ft)

N2AMG - 599+20

WB2AIV - At 21:30 you were S9+ on my 80m windom FN02ox. 

N2JJ - peaking 559 hr in FN33ab at 2157z  Galway,NY

AI2N - S9 on the inverted L, same as the noise.  S7 and well out of the
noise on the NE Flag. FN13sl

N2OPW/8 - S5 with S3 noise floor here. EN80me 

VE3CX - S9 quiescent noise level is S3 EN58go

W2YJ - Now tickling 10 over on the 160 dipole fed with open wire. Time 23:38

W3/NH7C - Your signal peaks at S7, averages S5. Rockville, MD FM19KB 

W5ZO - Mike in DM95bg. Solid copy "k2nny/B fn24fl code Buddy. 429

W2LU - 59+15

W1HIS - S9 + 20 dB when I first observed it.  Now it's varying between S5
and S9 + 10 dB, averaging about S9. FN42JJ.

W2LB - peaked to 559 at 0238 Z. Farmington, NY

K4MSG - 569/579, slight QSB FM19EE

KR3E - RST 549 - 559 Derwood, MD (FM19).

KT5X - Lots of rapid QSB in New Mexico

N8YG - S0 or so.Brockport, NY

KC2SPY - Anywhere from 15 to 25 over Webster, NY

K4BAI - The report is 469.  The "4" is because of QRN Columbus, GA. EM72mm.

KE5FRF - 359 with wire vertical near baton rouge em40lm

W3OAB - S9 on the Windom S4 on the vertical Ogden, NY

N6XI - 0547 on 3.574.346 per my K3, S4-5: Truckee, CA

WB2SXY - 0930Z 3574.3 closer to 18 wpm, sig s7 down to s5

K5KV - Email query about beacon

VE3GNA - between 589 and 20 db over S9. FN14LJ

W4PM - Signals were 589 here near Richmond, VA.  

W2FU - I also received a phone call from Jeff W2FU and we had a chance

To check out all of his RX beverages and vertical RX arrays.

So, to all who responded, Thanks, you made this little experiment 

A success. Yes, you can have fun with QRP signals.


Paul K2DB










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