[CQ-Contest] 160 Beacon Hunt Results

Paul Mackanos - K2DB k2db at k2db.com
Fri Jan 7 06:10:57 PST 2011

I want to thank all of you who took the time to listen and report back to me

the temporary beacon that I put on the air yesterday morning and turned off
this morning at 1400 Z.

Here is the info on the beacon:

It was remotely controlled from my office in Fairport, NY via the internet,
logmein.com free

Remote software, and Skype for me to hear the audio.

Rig: Icom 746Pro, set remotely with TRX-Manager Software to 0 watts output

it still put out something!)

Frequency 1822.28 (before I got "FLAMED") for being in the DX Window then
QSY'd to 1845.0

(As the front digital dial indicates)

Antenna: 160 Meter Dipole/Vee, center supported at 52 feet on crank up tower
at top of a ridge.

One end droops down, to approximately 10 feet other end goes Out over the
ridge and is 

approximately 85-90 feet above the ground.)

Location: FN24FL in NNY approximately 45 miles NE of Watertown, NY. St.

Lawrence River is About 20 miles due north of the QTH.

Speed: 16 WPM

a five

Second delay and it repeated.



K2FX - Signal S-2 with QSB. Ontario NY

N8OPW/8 - Nothing heard in OH because of my S8-S9 noise floor 1621Z

W2FU - Now, that's hard to copy here..but it's there

AI2N - I can tell you are there with the NE Flag but readability is zero.

VE3GNA - 539 at 1856Z

K4MSG - Listening earlier, NIL HRD.........  ??

N3IQ - 1822.3 KHz beacon is weak but readable in FM19kj

W2LK - 599 on my inverted L in Rifton, NY

AG2M - in noise (s7) here so I get bits and pieces

K4MSG - 2155Z  JAN  6  2010   339/469  DEEP  QSB

N1BUG - damn thing is S9+ here on 1822.27. you just labeled yourself a LID
with many people. (DX Window complaint)

W1HIS - weak; it was below my received noise. 329 BTW, while typing this,
between about 2206 and 2209Z, I have heard a few (three or four?) deliberate
jammers.  The last one was sending "LID".

VE3GNA - 20 db over S9 here on 1822.3.

N2ZN - Ur about 579 on NE beverage

W4ZV - You were S5-7 1822.28 at 2239z in New London, NC Suggested I move due
to DX area of band

AB8UL - why put a beacon in the dx window are you a idiot (we exchanged

KR2Q - too easy...run less power! S7 on my K3 in FN20RU  at 22:58z  rx

K2RNY - heard 2313 on 1822.31 S5 on N/S OCF Dipole at 40'

W2VO - Took the time to call me on the phone and politely discuss me being
in the DX window - Thanks Ron

K2DB - Not knowing I was in the DX window, I  moved the beacon to 1845 at
2315Z Thanks to W2VO for the nice polite phone call.

AB8UL - thank you Paul and i apologize for the idiot statement it was not
appropriate and should not have been said

K2XX - 160M beacon is putting out a great signal around 1822 Khz.  

K2MP - Ur 559 on the GAP Voyager, 599+15 dB on the Inv L.  Can't believe I
actually used to use the GAP on 160 

KC4D - RST 559 with Slow QSB to 439 from grid FM07IK (Central VA) at 2333Z
on 1845.00 KHz

N8YG - at noise level and up to s8 to s9 at 23:50 GMT Brockport NY

K2CAN - It's S7-8 on the vertical and S4-5 on the wire in Bristol, NY FN12gs
at 2350z

W1HIS - As weak as you were earlier you could have passed for DX down here!

W2YJ - 160 beacon signal heard steady S9 to 10 over and almost 20 over at
times in Marilla NY

WB2AIV - FN02ox at 0142Z on 1845.  Running S4-7 on HF9V 160m vertical w/ S3
-4 noise floor.  Was S3-4 on 80m windom

KR3E - Copied at 0158z on 1.845.02 RST 339 with QSB:  

K8FC - By the way, your zero watts were killing me on my NE beverage
tonight... :-)

W0UO - .  Just in and out of the noise this evening. On 1845.0 at 0225 Jan 7
EM12er just west of Ft Worth, TX

W5ZO - I heard you esp in Amarillo Texas at 1.845

WB2AIV - at 0410 faded to just above the noise (S 3 - 5) on the vertical.

K9FN - email query about beacon on 160

W1HIS - Wow!  Now, at 0419Z, your beacon's signal is pushing my S-meter to
S6 !

WD8DSB - Signal strength was peaking S7

K9CT - S0 to S1 on NE Beverage just Q4 copy. 

W4ZV - You were S6. on 1845.00 at 1208z in New London, NC.

W8RA - Your beacon at at 1.845 MHZ 599 in MI at 11:55Z 1/01/2010




The purpose of this 2 day event, 1 day on 80 meters and 1 day on 160 meters
was to inform several newcomers

to our hobby in the Rochester NY area (a few old timers too) about the
effects of propagation changes and 

the use of low power being effective for ham radio communications. It was
also to show, that a good, modest

antenna system will provide good dependable results.

It appears that the theory has been proven to be correct. Using very low
power, the beacon has been heard in

many areas of the country.

Other things have also been learned during this exercise, including the fact
that not all of us have attended the 

Dale Carnegie course on how to win friends and influence people. (enough
said there); several negative spots on

the cluster from AA1K and AB8UL, and even someone bootlegging K2DB/B and
self spotting me (can you believe it?)

Thanks to all who contributed and e-mailed me (even the negative ones) as I
have learned a lot with this little

Experiment, and even picked up a few new ham friends along the way, that in
itself is worth the time and effort.

So, in conclusion, 

HAVE FUN and remember it is only a HOBBY !

73 and best DX, Ragchewing, or whatever your forte is


Paul K2DB   CWOPS 686












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