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No - the states within Mexico do not count as seperate multipliers in NAQP.

If you have other questions about NAQP, my recommendation is that you first check the rules 
at:  http://www.ncjweb.com/naqprules.php

If that is not clear, contact the Contest Manager at: cwnaqpmgr at ncjweb.com or drop me a line both
off the reflector.


Al, K0AD

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o states within Mexico count as multipliers in NAQP, similar to the 
ultipliers in the ARRL 10 metre contest?  I only worked one station 
rom Mexico, and he sent "MEX" for his location,   That could be an 
bbreviation for the "Mexico State" within the Country of Mexico, or 
ould be generic abbreviation for the country.    Had I worked more 
tations, with differing prefixes, it might have been obvious.
I note that NCJ - which is somehow under the umbrella of ARRL, is the 
ponsor of the NAQP events, but don't know who to contact directly with 
he question.  Besides, some other newbie might have the same question.
But, if I'm out of order, or if it's "obvious to one trained in the art" 
ust call me a newbie or a LID.
73 de n8xx Hg
p.s. It seems that, for the most part, RTTY and CW got along quite well 
ast weekend.  Congrats to all for observing the "gentlemen's" 
oundaries for the modes.
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