[CQ-Contest] Comcast, Constant Guard and Interference with Logging Software

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Sat Jul 2 03:41:07 PDT 2011

I'm posting this here because Comcast provides Internet service for so 
many of us in the US - others please forgive the space taken up.

Recently, I had a perplexing problem with N1MM Logger.  Normally, the 
"=" key can be relied upon to re-send the last CW message, but during 
the Canada Day contest it was not working.  Friends said it was working 
for them in the same versions I tested, which got me thinking about what 
changes I had recently made on my PC.  Well, Comcast has a snazzy new 
security feature called Constant Guard that defeats keystroke loggers by 
storing your passwords in an encrypted file and sending them to sites 
you want to log into without keyboard activity.

Only problem is that there are bugs in its routines for capturing 
keystrokes, one of which was responsible for killing the "=" key.  
Another was responsible for a problem with Windows Telnet where my 
keystrokes were sending sequential numbers rather than what I had typed. 
I suspect that other programs, including other logging programs, may 
have similar mysterious symptoms.

I removed Constant Guard from my machine, and everything came back to 


73, Pete N4ZR

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