[CQ-Contest] Why a new contest?

Hal Kennedy halken at comcast.net
Sat Jul 2 06:14:35 PDT 2011

Some of the scoring suggestions seem intriguing to me.  The creation of
a new, major, contest to employ them seems unlikely.  Meanwhile,
tradition abounds and has value - changing the scoring system for an
existing major contest also seems unlikely.
So, can't we score an existing contest two ways?  Can we score ARRL DX
both the traditional way and the distance-based way for the next two or
three years and see what we all think about it?  There would be two sets
of winners - although in some cases both scoring versions would be won
by the same stations I suspect.  I'll sponsor the plaque for US M/M
scored by distance, without detracting from the US M/M scored the
traditional way.
Hal N4GG

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