DickT-W0RAA dickt at w0raa.com
Wed Jul 6 12:55:35 PDT 2011

I am considering getting a DXDoubler to run SO2R.  I have a few questions.

My station consists of a Yaesu FT-950 and Yaesu FT-857D.  I use a K1EL WKUSB 
Winkeyer to key the rig for contesting in CW mode.  I have an amplifier but 
don't use it in contests.  My antennas consist of a Cushcraft A3S at 34' and 
a Butternut HF-9V ground mounted vertical.  I also have a VanGorden Short 80 
meter dipole but it has not been put up since my original tower came down in 
a wind storm in December.  Getting it back up is on the "To Do" list.  I use 
a 4 postition LDG electronic antenna switch, and I have a couple switches to 
go between the FT-950 & 857D if I want to change radios.  I haven't used the 
FT-857D in a contest, but I would be willing to buy the narrow add-on 
filters to improve it if I were to go SO2R.

My primary contest logging software is WriteLog (latest version) and I have 
N1MM Logger as a backup.  I don't use it very much.  I operate RTTY/CW & 
some SSB Contests.

With that being said, my questions are:

1.  Do I have the basics for SO2R?

2.  What would I need besides the DXDoubler (i.e. Stubs?, etc?)

3.  Are the antenna switch/switches I have adequate to do the job with SO2R?

4.  I read DON Hill's NCJ articles but have somewhat determined that a 
DXDoubler will make switching between rigs easier, etc.

5.  I have a desktop computer with XP/SP3 and a laptop with same.  Do I need 
more than one soundcard or computer?

Any assistance anybody can offer will be appreciated, even if it's "Forget 
it!"  Hi Hi.

I probably have more questions but I don't know what the are right now. 
Reply off-line if you want to.  use w0raa at arrl.net.


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