[CQ-Contest] Comments on Proposed Changes to ARRL DX

Timothy Coker n6win73 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 17:01:28 PDT 2011

If you guys are going to CC the reflector, then how about a link to the
information your discussing so that the rest of us can be clued in? At this
point it seems like a simple hit of the delete key would have been better
than responding.


Tim / N6WIN.

On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 11:11 AM, Dick Green WC1M <wc1m73 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Bud,
> Thanks for the input. It will be considered in the CAC's deliberations. All
> 16 CAC Divisional representatives are experienced contesters and most of
> them consult other contesters in and out of their respective Divisions
> before taking a position on the issues we study. Your Division CAC rep is
> N2MG and I see you've copied him. I encourage you to speak with Mike about
> your concerns.
> Please be advised that, despite what the article in RadioSport says, the
> is still in discussion and study mode on ARRL DX. We've had some
> preliminary
> votes, straw polls if you will, on various issues to get a sense of where
> CAC members stand, but we have not come to any final conclusions and have
> made no recommendations to the ARRL Board committees with authority to
> change rules. It's premature to assume anything else. We're not even
> halfway
> through our list of issues to consider. Some of the issues we have yet to
> study could have an impact on our recommendations about issues we've
> already
> covered (hence the reason we've done straw polls and not final votes.)
> Other
> issues still require detailed analysis of log data from past contests to
> fully understand the ramifications. It may be some time before the CAC
> concludes this project and, as I truthfully said to RadioSport, I would not
> hazard a guess as to the final outcome on any particular rule.
> And I hope to see you in IARU, too!
> 73, Dick WC1M
> NE CAC Rep, Chair
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> Subject: Comments on Proposed Changes to ARRL DX
> Dear Dick,
> I hope this finds you well.  The purpose of this email is to comment on
> proposed changes to the ARRL DX contest.  It is my understanding the
> Contest
> Advisory Committee has recommended changes to the scoring algorithm.
> I believe these changes are stimulated by a desire to increase
> participation
> in ARRL DX.  While more participation is always welcomed, I wonder if
> changing the rules would accomplish this objective.  I suspect that the
> perception is that the current rules discourage participation from parts of
> the US; however, I have never seen any data that supports this perception.
> I also wonder if a rule change might alienate some of the legacy
> participants?  Will there likely be a signficant net gain in participation?
> I also believe that the ARRL must engage the contest community in this
> process in order to optimize the outcome.  There are significant
> stakeholders that have made major investments in time and resources that
> are
> entitled to have a voice in this process.  I urge you to reach out to the
> major contest clubs and solicit their inputs before any changes are
> finalized.
> Enjoy the summer and hope to see work you in IARU.
> 73 Bud AA3B
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