[CQ-Contest] Comments on Proposed Changes to ARRL DX

Peter Chamalian w1rm at arrl.net
Sun Jun 19 04:20:01 PDT 2011

As a long time participant in ARRL DX (and a winner back in 1971) I'd like
to better understand the reason(s) behind the proposal to have a time limit.

I don't believe having such a limit would do anything to increase
participation on either the W/VE or DX side.  What would make the contest
more interesting/fun is more stations to work.  How to achieve that could
require a fundamental change akin to the elimination of the quota system.
More multipliers for both W/VE and DX (use grid square rather than state,
for example).  Let DX work DX might get more DX on the air.  But, as I said,
these are radical changes that would mean retirement of the current scoring
records, etc., and a fresh start.

It's not the guys who go full bore who make the contest but rather it's the
more casual op who gets on for a few hours who adds to the volume.  How do
we attract them should be an area of focus.

Pete, W1RM

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Comments on Proposed Changes to ARRL DX

Hi Bud,

Thanks for the input. It will be considered in the CAC's deliberations. All
16 CAC Divisional representatives are experienced contesters and most of
them consult other contesters in and out of their respective Divisions
before taking a position on the issues we study. Your Division CAC rep is
N2MG and I see you've copied him. I encourage you to speak with Mike about
your concerns.

Please be advised that, despite what the article in RadioSport says, the CAC
is still in discussion and study mode on ARRL DX. We've had some preliminary
votes, straw polls if you will, on various issues to get a sense of where
CAC members stand, but we have not come to any final conclusions and have
made no recommendations to the ARRL Board committees with authority to
change rules. It's premature to assume anything else. We're not even halfway
through our list of issues to consider. Some of the issues we have yet to
study could have an impact on our recommendations about issues we've already
covered (hence the reason we've done straw polls and not final votes.) Other
issues still require detailed analysis of log data from past contests to
fully understand the ramifications. It may be some time before the CAC
concludes this project and, as I truthfully said to RadioSport, I would not
hazard a guess as to the final outcome on any particular rule. 

And I hope to see you in IARU, too!

73, Dick WC1M
NE CAC Rep, Chair

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Subject: Comments on Proposed Changes to ARRL DX

Dear Dick,

I hope this finds you well.  The purpose of this email is to comment on
proposed changes to the ARRL DX contest.  It is my understanding the Contest
Advisory Committee has recommended changes to the scoring algorithm.

I believe these changes are stimulated by a desire to increase participation
in ARRL DX.  While more participation is always welcomed, I wonder if
changing the rules would accomplish this objective.  I suspect that the
perception is that the current rules discourage participation from parts of
the US; however, I have never seen any data that supports this perception.
I also wonder if a rule change might alienate some of the legacy
participants?  Will there likely be a signficant net gain in participation?

I also believe that the ARRL must engage the contest community in this
process in order to optimize the outcome.  There are significant
stakeholders that have made major investments in time and resources that are
entitled to have a voice in this process.  I urge you to reach out to the
major contest clubs and solicit their inputs before any changes are

Enjoy the summer and hope to see work you in IARU.

73 Bud AA3B

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