[CQ-Contest] Is ARRL DX Really Broken ?

Jeffrey Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Wed Jun 22 17:04:42 PDT 2011

The east coast doesn’t always win in ARRL DX. For example take a look at the
2010 results. In fact in most  of the categories it’s not all east coast
stations in the top ten.

I’m sure you will find this in other years as well.



Note : East coast is defined as W1,W2,W3,W4 (VA,NC), VO,VE1,VE2


2010 ARRL DX SSB -


SOHP - VX3AT #2 ,W9RE #5, K1TO #9


SOLP - N5AW #2,VE3BDN #3,VE3AD #4,N4XL #5,KT4ZB #6,K6AM #7,NA4K #8,KD9MS #9 

(Note 8 of top 10 spots are outside of the east coast)


SOQRP - won by VA3DF (7 of top 10 outside east coast)


Single Bands SOAB - Only two bands - were won by east coast stations - 80
and 160


Multi-Single - W5RU #4, 2 non-east coast stations in top 10


M2X - 4 non east coast stations in top ten. Best K7ZSD #5


M/M - Won by non east coast station - K3LR. 4 non-east coast stations in top



2010 ARRL DX CW –



SOHP - N2IC #5 W9RE #8 ,VX3AT #10 


SOLP - N5AW #3,N9CK #6,W0UO #7, K9QVB # 8



SOQRP - W9WI #3,N0KE #4,N7IR #5, N8II #7,N5DO #8,W6JTI #9, KT8K #10 

        (7 of top 10 outside east coast)


Single Bands SOAB - Two bands - were won by non east coast stations - 40 and
15 meters


Multi-Single - VE3UTT #5, 5 non-east coast stations in top 10


M2X - Best K8AZ #2, 6 of top ten outside east coast


M/M - Won by non east coast station - K3LR. (note K3LR won both SSB and CW)
2 non-east coast stations in top ten.





From: Kevin Stockton [mailto:n5dx2005 at yahoo.com] 
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To: Jeffrey Clarke; cq-contest at contesting.com
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Is ARRL DX Really Broken ?


Below are numbers I took from the ARRL results database.  I think many
people have just made a blanket statements that there should be a distance
based points system without even looking over the numbers. Is this contest
really broken that changes need to be made ?

No so much this DX contest, as all DX contests are broken.  

4)      Given that the east coast has the best propagation to EU and the
west coast to AS what type (fair) of algorithm do you use ? For example on
CW do you give the west coast  5 times more points for working EU and the
east coast 5 times for working AS. What do you do for the middle of the
country ? Do you cut that in half ?

A linear scoring system that is based on distance.  The numbers could be
manipulated to make almost anyone win, that's not what is being advocated.  

5)      Since there is more activity in EU than anywhere else will this even
make up the difference for someone not on the east coast ?

No, it won't make up the difference.  East coast will still get longer
openings and work more EU.  In most cases they will also work more
multipliers and in most cases they will still make up the majority of the
top ten.  

7)      If the ARRL went to a distance based scoring system for ARRL DX then
will this set a precedence for other ARRL contests ?  After all ARRL
Sweepstakes isn't  fair to those who are not in W5/W6/W7. When is the last
time someone on the east coast won SS ? (Especially SSB)

This is a fair point.  Distance based scoring in a DX contest is not meant
to make it so that a W5 can win the contest.  It is only meant to
acknowledge the challenges in working a DX contact is different across
geographic points.  

VY2ZM won the SSB Sweepstakes this year from his QTH in PEI.  There is no
doubt that certain areas of the U.S. are in better locations for the
Sweepstakes than others, and I will be the first to admit that being on the
east coast is not the best place to be.  However, when you look at the
scattering of people who do well in sweepstakes, they are all over the U.S.
and not as closely knit as they are in DX contests.  Below are the results
from CW and SSB this year:   

N9RV 232,480
NØNI (AG9A, op) 232,480
K1TO 231,628
WDØT 230,240
KL7RA (N6TR, op) 224,202
N2NT (N2NC, op) 223,360
W5KFT (K5PI, op) 222,560
WXØB (K5GA, op) 222,306
K5GO 222,080

(K1ZM, op) 349,022
K7RL 338,080
N2IC 333,920
NR5M 332,320
W7WA 324,960
K5TR 312,000
(WDØT, op) 309,920
(@ N4RV) 293,920
NØQO 289,456
WC6H 282,662
K6LA 218,720    

Kevin, N5DX



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