[CQ-Contest] CW Skimmer via 3G Wireless on FD

Michael D. Adams mda at ab1od.org
Tue Jun 28 03:43:51 PDT 2011

W1VE wrote:

> I could not believe it... We used 4GB of data over the weekend (hmmm
> maybe someone was downloading software in their spare time!)

Out of curiosity, were you on a hill in a populated area, and were your
logging machines wirelessly networked on an unsecured LAN?

During the prep for W1CWA's operations on Talcott Mountain, there was some
discussion about how the logging computers were going to be networked.  It
was very quickly decided that we would scrounge up Ethernet cable and a
router, and go with a wired network.

It seems that last year, to facilitate logging, a wireless network was
used...and because of the great position (800 feet above a populated
valley), the network was at times inundated by random people connecting from
their homes below.

Rather than fight with getting multiple "volunteered" machines of various
vintages and OS's to use encryption, it was decided that logging should not
involve RF.

73 de AB1OD QTH FN31pw
Michael D. Adams | mda at ab1od.org

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