[CQ-Contest] Two Single operators, one club call sign

Maarten van Rossum pd2r.maarten at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 03:57:19 PST 2011


Just wandering about this one:
Is it possible for two single operators, lets say one SO on 40 meter and the
other SO on 20 meter, to use the same club call sign during the upcomming
ARRL International DX contest?
I guess there could be some problems when submitting the logs to the robot.
There is a good chance the robot will only use the last uploaded log and
disregard the log which was oploaded first since both logs are submitted
with the same call sign.

Can't find anthing in the rules about this one (yes, I have read all 3(!)
sets of rules on the ARRL website;-)) but I could have mist it.

Best 73,

Maarten PD2R


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