[CQ-Contest] Two Single operators, one club call sign

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I understood Maarten's original question to be whether he could submit  two 
separate logs (for separate Single Band Operations) using the same  call.  
I believe the answer to that is no but it is always best to confirm  these 
things for ARRL events with KX9X.
Al, K0AD
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This is called "Multi-Two" or "Multi-Operator, Two  Transmitter".

Here's what you "mist" (sic):

2.3.2.Multioperator,  Two Transmitter: maximum of two transmitted signals at any given  time, on
different bands. transmitter is limited to 6  band changes (maximum) in any
clock hour. Unused band changes from radio  one may not be transferred to
radio two. clock hour is  from zero through 59 minutes. changes are defined so  that, for example, a change from 20
meters to 40 meters and then back to 20  meters constitutes two band
changes. of the  6-band change rule or improper logging will
result in an entry  reclassification to the Multioperator  Multitransmitter
class. transmitters may work any and  all stations; the second
transmitter is not limited to working new  multipliers only. However, a
station may only be worked once per band  regardless of which transmitter
is used. of the two  transmitters must keep a separate, chronological
log for the entire contest  period. Cabrillo log must indicate which transmitter made  each QSO in
this category.

> Contesters,
> Just  wandering about this one:
> Is it possible for two single operators,  lets say one SO on 40 meter and
> the
> other SO on 20 meter, to  use the same club call sign during the upcomming
> ARRL International DX  contest?
> I guess there could be some problems when submitting the logs  to the
> robot.
> There is a good chance the robot will only use  the last uploaded log and
> disregard the log which was oploaded first  since both logs are submitted
> with the same call sign.
>  Can't find anthing in the rules about this one (yes, I have read all  
> sets of rules on the ARRL website;-)) but I could have mist  it.
> Best 73,
> Maarten  PD2R
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> dldledememt
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