[CQ-Contest] WRTC-2014 event scores for Russian DX Contest

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 Then  if  the  "top 3 rule" is not about you what all of the noise is

 The  top  3  conteders take it very seriously. Here's WC1M's quote on
 DXCC  and  strictness of LOTW registration, IMO it fits perfectly the
 topic, top 3 contenders care about accuracy of the contest results as
 you care about the money :)

"The  Honor  Roll  listings continue to be sorted by deleted countries
because  there  would  be  a gigantic outcry if only current countries
were  used  (resulting  in no "first place".) Past attempts to defraud
DXCC (e.g., Don Miller, Romeo, etc.) have resulted in cries for blood.
It's  not  a  stretch  to  say  that  some hams care as much about the
integrity of DXCC as they care about money (well, almost... ;-)"

 kzerohb at gmail.com wrote:

 kgc> Mike,

kgc> Guys like you and I probably aren't ever going to be "top 3" players in a
kgc> Russian contest, but it's you and I and thousands of others who make "top 3"
kgc> possible.  I'm sick to death of sponsors who tune their rules to "the top
kgc> 3".

kgc> 73, de Hans, K0HB/K7
kgc> "Just a boy and his radio"

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kgc> From: w7dra at juno.com

kgc> i would think there are a lot of DLs living in three story walk up
kgc> apartments with a TS820 and a dipole, with his internet connection down
kgc> at the local library..............

kgc> there are a lot of amateurs who dont make much noise but contribute

kgc> mike w7dra

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