[CQ-Contest] Technology against cheating?

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if people would be HONEST WE WOULD not have to be bothered by all this,,skimmers,,internet, cheaters, SPOTS,,,,,bahhhhhh humbug.  Guess we have lost that as a society, ever watch how many people never STOP at a STOP SIGN?

joe w6vnr/zf2ah

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><<I would describe recordings, whether of a whole
>band or from individual stations, as technology
>which inherently inhibits cheating, in contrast
>to some other technologies which facilitate
>Great idea. Perhaps we could employ a firm of forensic experts to replay and
>report on the recordings? Even simpler, let's set up a 'Star Chamber' of
>distinguished contesters to investigate. Not just cheating but also
>behaviour. For example, start/stop the clock when an SO2R/VFO leaves his run
>frequency to make Q elsewhere and someone like me jumps in and steals it.
>Maybe take the Star Chamber findings to the International Court, complete
>with the 'usual suspects' who could then be interrogated and eventually
>tried for their offences.
>For goodness sake!
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