[CQ-Contest] CW traiiner wanted will pay top $$$

Matt & Carrie Trott superfly at tetonwireless.net
Wed Mar 30 14:59:04 PDT 2011

Thanks for all the responses sidebar.


I'm pretty sure that what happened was that I was indeed a little squeamish
about the 40 meter Q as the band was folding. With that in mind I went ahead
and worked him again the next day, but I think I must have let it auto-fill
from the previous QSO in which I had copied incorrectly through the
QSB/QRN/QRM. That's the only thing I can think of that might have happened.
I don't use third party auto-fill files and now I know why. I had to laugh
though when I saw this. The only reason I could laugh about it was that it
didn't change my place. I still wouldn't have won!


The error was definitely on this end and it cost me a sweep. Felipe is a
super operator and I am fully confident the error(s) were on this end. The
only person who still thinks I'm not a lid is my dear mother and now even
she will wonder after seeing my log checking report.


Matt - K7BG


>Wowzuh, is this ever a sad state of affairs. 
>I have always been afraid that a busted QSO in SS could some day cost me a
>mult so I am usually extra careful when working rarer sections.  Well it
>the fan this year, by gum. I remember working NP4Z on 40 as the band was
>dropping out and I didn't feel full confidence in the QSO so I worked him
>15 the next day for insurance. I just saw the Log-Checking Reports
>and finally figgered out what happened. I don't understand it exactly, but
>can anybody loan me their instruct-o-graph? It's back to the drawing board
>for me.
>QSO #577 NP4Z : A 86 Pr should be A 81 Pr
>QSO #896 NP4Z : A 86 Pr should be A 81 Pr
>Now, is it a 1 or a 6 that starts with a dot? How many dashes in a one? 
>Now, ............where's that Ameco LP?
>C'mon coach, gimme one more shot at it. 


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