[CQ-Contest] Headsets w/ mic's

KU7Y ku7y.cw at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 05:24:59 PDT 2011

Here is a summary of the ideas I got in response to my question about 
inexpensive headsets w/mic's.

People like and use the following:

Yamaha CM-500    10
Heil                            3
Home Brew                1
Genius (from eBay)     1
RS cordless with old Heil boom mic    1
Koss SB-40                1

Looks like the CM-500 is the "winner", getting more use that all the others 

Some negative things were expressed about the heavy style Heil headsets, as 
in being uncomfortable after long periods of time.  One said that he really 
liked his light weight Heil for use in quiet environments.

There were also comments about the CM-500 being less than perfect but not 
bad for the money.

Now all I need to do is chose which way to go!

A big Thank You to everyone who took the time to respond.

OK, back in my hole,

Ron, KU7Y
SOWP 5545M
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
Brenda, AZ (Winter)
Caldwell, ID (Summer)
ku7y at qsl.net

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