[CQ-Contest] Youth Contest University (YCTU)

scottw3tx at verizon.net scottw3tx at verizon.net
Thu May 12 16:25:55 PDT 2011

Please consider bringing one (or more) of your kids or grandchildren
(between the ages of 10-25) with you to Dayton this year.  YCTU's  aim is to
get youth excited  and involved in radiosport. 
Youth Contest University is being held concurrent with Contest University on
Thursday May 19th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dayton Ohio (7am to 5pm).
Tuition for youth is free and includes lunch plus a youth ticket to the
Contest Dinner on Saturday night.   Those interested in late registration
can contact me directly at ScottW3TX at Verizon.net 
Presenters, covering a wide range of radiosports,  include Anna W0ANT, Katia
RZ9UMA, Andrea KG4IUM, Mitchell KD8JRS,  Sarah AK2D, Ben AK2X, Mark N5OT,
Dick WB4USV, and Nathan N9CPO.  Activities will include Safety First!,
Getting Started in Contesting, Youth DXpedition, Morse Code, Basic Antenna
Building, How Amateur Radio Helps Your Education and Career,  Pileup,
Fox-Hunting, and High Speed Telegraphy.  
Note: To keep the youth busy on Friday and Saturday there are independent
youth forums and activities at HARA.  
Family connections are the VERY BEST way to get the younger crowd involved
in amateur radio! 
Special thanks to K3LR, N5OT, AK2D, AK2X , N0AH, and N0AX, whom have made
Youth CTU possible!
73, Scott Johns VMD, W3TX

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